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First Time Blogger, Short Time Reader

Well Hello There Inter-webs! After reading blogs for a week (yes, a week, I am very easily swayed) I think it is time I attempt to participate. I started reading blogs through an attempt to be a contestant in a plus size beauty pageant. My search for the perfect dress led me (through a long tine of mis-googling) to some amazing plus size fashion blogs. These blogs have inspired me to take a crack at writing and wether it be fashion, food, arts events, or general San Francisco lovin’ I am excited for what is to come!

But on to the real business at hand:

Kasa @ The Corner. Kasa is an Indian restaurant currently housed @ Noe and that participates in Pop-Up dining at The Corner. Todays theme was Indian Wedding, they took some classic indian dishes, did in completely vegan with amazing presentation. I took pictures of both the appetizer and the dessert, but the entrée looked so amazing I just dug right in with out thinking. If you have the opportunity to eat either at Kasa, or any of the pop up experiences at The Corner I would insist you try it!

*Keep it Classy and Kosher<3 Allie